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San Francesco di Paola Altar and Rosary Society

The purpose of the Altar and Rosary Society is to maintain the altar and purchase items needed for the Mass, including sacramentaries, lectionaries, stoles, albs, linens, candles, flowers, and the bread and wine.

They are also involved in charitable giving and working with the church on projects as needed.

Everyone is welcome to join the Society with the goal of assisting and promoting the church.

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San Francescani Society

Mission: To follow the motto of San Francesco di Paola, which is “Caritas” or love in action. As a service organization, we are committed to providing the community of San Francesco di Paola Catholic Church with:

  • Opportunities for spiritual growth
  • Financial assistance for those in need, with specific guidelines
  • Our time and talents to support the church and the needs of all our brothers and sisters in Christ

We will carry out these duties to the best of our ability, without discrimination and in the tradition of our patron saint.